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Dance to this song [Chanyeol] - Part 2

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Here’s part 1

The show was soon going to end. You wanted time to freeze so you could stare at your oppas for the rest of your life. Showing them your talent was a dream. You’d never imagined it would come true.

Lifting your head slightly, you tried to catch a glimpse of them. Chanyeol sitting close to the side. He turned his head, to look at you. You quickly looked away. He smiled and shook his head.

“Chanyeol would you like to say something to your fans?” the MC suddenly put him on the spot. He had no idea what was going on.

“It’s your turn,” Baekhyun whispered in his ear. Chanyeol took the mic and began talking. His deep voice melted in your heart. You were concentrating more on that than the message he was delivering.

“…and finally I would like to thank _________, for giving such an amazing performance today.” You jumped up at the sound of your name. He said your name. He really did. You looked in his direction. He was looking right back at you with a big, cheeky smile on his face. You began to blush. Right then the nights dimmed and the boys got up.

You thanked God for saving you from embarrassment. The assistants began pushing everybody out of the studio. You turned around after reaching the top to get a one last look at them. They all looked charismatic. If only you could run down there and hug them. You even thought of doing that but seeing the assistant walk toward you, you quickly ran out of the studio like all the other people.

People were patting you on the shoulder for doing such a good job. Most of them were older. The young girls glared at you with jealousy while the guys looked at you with longing eyes. Some even winked at you but you paid no attention. None of them were as good looking as your oppas.


“Chanyeol, the MC asked you something. Seriously, where is your head?” Suho, nudged him.

“Huh!, Oh I’m sorry,” he said shaking his head.

“It’s alright,” the MC replied and showed them the way back stage.

“You guys did great,” he said shaking hands with each member.

“Hey, do you have any idea where all the audience is going too?” Chanyeol asked with a silly expression on his face. He didn’t realize that his question was even sillier.

“What?” the MC made a confused expression.

Chanyeol sighed and looked turned around.

“Hey guys I’ll see you in a bit okay?” he said walking away.

“Where are you going? We have another schedule to go to,” Suho said sternly, already mad at his behavior earlier.

“I’m not going that far,” he pouted.

“No come back here.”

“Hyung Jebal…”

“Aniyo,” Suho shook his head.

“Okay then can I just go use the bathroom?” Chanyeol said sounding disappointed. Suho raised one of his eyebrow, thinking deeply before finally nodding his head. Baekhyun and Kyungsoo knew something was definitely up. Chanyeol didn’t usually act like that.

Getting the nod from Suho, he ran from backstage into the studio. The audience had left. He climbed the stairs and opened the door to the main entrance. There were still some people walking around here and there, hoping to get a glimpse of the EXO boys. He hid in the corner so as to not get over run by the small crowd. Poking his head out, he scanned the area, looking for you. You weren’t there. Judging by the eagerness you’d shown on stage, he assumed you’d still be around but you weren’t. He was a little disappointed.  He shook his head and turned around to walk back. Instead of taking the long way, he decided to go from the back alley.

He opened the door and poked his head out in the sunshine. No one was there. He sighed and closed the door but jumped back immediately. You were standing right there in front of him.

“Oh my God, where did you come from?” he said with his eyes wide open.

“From up there!” you pointed towards the sky.

Chanyeol chuckled and scratched his head. You smiled too, to lighten the atmosphere. You could only hope that he wouldn’t notice your shaking legs. You’d walked into the alley, to see if there was a way to go backstage. Had you found a way, you’d only look like a stalker but you didn’t care. But now that he was there, right in front of you, you wanted to act all cool.

“What are you doing here,” you asked not making eye contact. You couldn’t either ways. He was really tall.

“Uh I was looking for a way to get backstage,” he said.  ‘Oh Gosh, the voice..’  you kept thinking in your head. Once again, you focused more on that than the words.

“What about you?” he asked and repeated twice before you finally heard him.

“Oh I was just walking back home..” you lied.

Chanyeol nodded like he usually did, with a faint smile. Even his eyes were smiling. He seemed magical with the sun shining brightly right behind him.

“You did really good,” he said giving you a thumbs up.

“Ghamsahamnida..” you replied clenching your hands.

Chanyeol was trying hard to form the right words in his head. He didn’t want to seem creepy.

“So.. do you dance for some club or something?”

“Ah.. yeah! It’s not really a club. It’s more like a dance studio. I go there to practice.”

“Oh Dance studio,” he repeated nodding his head. “Which one?”

“Dream High Dance Studio.”

“Ohh..That’s great!” he gave you another thumbs up. He never thought he would be so nervous talking to a girl. On the other hand you were confused as to why he was even making an effort to talk to you. You loved the fact that he was, but why? You had no idea. You suddenly remembered something. You had your Exo album in your bag. You carried it around everywhere with you.

“Can you sign my album?” you asked.

“Oh yeah sure,” he said eagerly as you gave him a pen and the album. After signing it, he looked up at you. He wanted to stay for longer but he knew if he didn’t leave, Suho was going to kill him.

“Hey I have to leave. I hope to see you around,” he winked. You knew your heart was going to pop out any second.

“Oh yeah sure,” you said calmly.

You waited for him to go inside and as soon as he did, you clenched your chest and landed on the ground still not being able to believe what had just happened. You were standing inches away from Oppa. You started squealing with excitement. It was one of those days that you were never going to forget.


Two months later..

“You’re doing really good,” your dance instructor patted your back.

“Thankyou,” you replied catching your breath. You walked into the corner to get your water bottle. Your eyes fell on the window, to a familiar image. It looked like Chanyeol but it quickly disappeared. ‘How  could it be him?’ you thought to yourself and shook your head. A smile broke on your face as the memories of the day you appeared on Star King started coming back to you.


“Did you go out again?” Suho asked as CHanyeol opened the dorm door, while panting.

“Yeah!,” he said catching his breath. “But I covered up pretty well.  Almost, no one saw me.”

“Almost?” Suho asked.

“Yeah,” he said as a smile appeared on his face.



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